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In addition to our transactional services, we're happy to discuss how the knowledge, experience and insight behind the transactional services can be utilised by commercial clients.


We are not a corporate Non-Executive Director, although we can perform much of that role, instead, we prefer to think of our value-added services as ongoing mentoring, coaching and consultancy.


Need a Subject Matter Expert at a fair rate at short notice?


Would you like pragmatic plan to help you prepare your business for real-time accounting?


Launching or remodelling a financial services regulated business and need some help with business design, back office implementation/transition, governance and procedures which maximise the potential from simplified processes?


Maybe you want to build an interactive financial education programme for your clients or employees of your major clients?


These are areas of work which we're really passionate about and really enjoy working clients to deliver. Please talk to use and give us a sketch of what you think you'd like to do, it'd be a great opportunity to test us and get a feel for the value we could add.