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The Pensions Act 2015 which brought about "pension freedoms" has created unprecedented demand from consumers for advice about their pension benefits. 


Safeguarded benefits with a value or cash equivalent value of £30,000 require advice to be given by a qualified and authorised person, colloquially, a Pensions Transfer Specialist.


One Corner Ltd can provide a Pension Transfer Specialist service via regulated entities which hold pension transfer permissions, thus giving the regulated firm in-house ability to monetise complex analysis and enhance client retention.


As defined benefit pension transfer work continues to attract intense regulatory scrutiny, we think it important to manage the expectations of potential commercial partners up-front. Whilst One Corner can provide PTS capability, we do so only on a non-contingent charging basis, we will refuse to sign-off 'insistent client' cases and we will refuse to sign-off cases which have been 'controlled' or 'influenced' by your non-PTS advisers.  Furthermore, as PTS work is very time consuming, we will always reserve the right to substitute your initial PTS with another should that be necessary to manage workflows and service level agreements.